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Horse Racing Betting Sites

Kentucky Derby Horse Racing

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Horse Racing| 13 Apr 2016

Gambling on horse racing is an age old tradition that spans the entire world. In the modern world, the ability to place wagers on racing events is easier than ever thanks to horse racing gambling sites. There are dozens of racing betting sites and online racebook sites today that fans of the sport can use to place real money bets.
Getting started with a horse racing betting site is a simple …

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How To Choose An Online Sportsbook

How To Choose An Online Sportsbook

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Uncategorized| 17 Feb 2016

The first thing you want to do when you get into the world of sports betting, is find a good solid, safe sportsbook. Online sports betting is increasing in popularity and there are tons of places to make your wager.
You want to make sure you find the one that is best for you. There are several factors to consider when you are looking to choose an online sportsbook site to …

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5 Amazing Numbers from Super Bowl History

5 Amazing Numbers from Super Bowl History

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NFL| 11 Feb 2016

By the time you read this article, the 50th edition of the Super Bowl has already ended. You will most likely already know who the winner is, and you will be amazed of the mind-blowing amounts companies have paid for a few seconds of advertising space during the event. But there are other Super Bowl related things to be amazed about. Let me show you a few numbers from the …

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Super Bowl 50 Prediction


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NFL| 4 Feb 2016

The big game is almost here. The Carolina Panthers are playing the Denver Broncos for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. The odds have played out over the post season this season and almost all of the teams favored to win have won. This year’s match up is a battle between the two teams that were the number 1 seed in their respective conferences.
Let’s take a look at the two …

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Odds of Winning Super Bowl 50


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NFL| 6 Jan 2016

The start of the new year means one major thing in sports … the start of the NFL playoffs. 12 teams have the chance to make it to the biggest stage of the sporting calendar, Super Bowl 50.
This year is more wide open than in past years because there isn’t any really dominant team. Carolina does have a 15-1 record, but they only played 3 games against teams that …

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Super Bowl Picks


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NFL| 30 Jan 2015

The Super Bowl is only two days away, so it’s time to make the yearly selections for the most popular sporting event in North America. This year, the Seattle Seahawks face off against the New England Patriots. The Seahawks are trying to become the first back-to-back Super Bowl Champions since the Denver Broncos in the late 90’s.
All of the attention early in the week revolved around the deflategate scandal which …

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NFL Betting Tips

NFL Betting Tips

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NFL| 31 Oct 2014

There are a couple of things that you can do to better your odds of winning your picks on the NFL games. Here is a list of things that you can do to be more prepared when you decide to place money down on an NFL betting line.
#1 – Make you initial picks:
I can’t stress how important this is to do. Right after the majority of games are over for …

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How to Handicap Betting Lines in the NFL


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NFL| 30 Sep 2014

Handicapping any betting line in the NFL is difficult. Anybody who can make picks correctly over 60% of the time is a good handicapper. There is so much information out there these days that there isn’t a whole lot of advantages one way or another. The oddsmakers have all of the information that the general public has access to along with a lot of stats and information that the lay …

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2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup Picks


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Basketball| 4 Sep 2014

The soccer World Cup is not the only World Cup that will be played this year. Currently, the FIBA basketball World Cup is underway in Spain. There are 24 countries participating and they are grouped in 4 Groups (A through D) with six countries in each group. Each team plays 5 games, one against each country in their group, to determine who goes on to the knockout stage of this …

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NFL Futures Betting


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NFL| 2 Sep 2014

The start of the NFL regular season is only days away as the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks get ready to open the season on Thursday Night Football. This week offers a lot of betting options that aren’t available once the season begins. These wagering options, called Futures, are only open for a short period of time before many of them are closed until next year.
There are a couple …

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