Cycling Gloves for Women

Safety and comfort are pretty much necessary for any activity and workout. Sometimes you need more effort to get both the security and the comfort, not only during your workout routines but also during any other daily activity. Especially for cycling, you might have prepared all your cycling clothing to guarantee that you can enjoy your cycling moment entirely. You might have several items for your cycling tops, bottoms, and shoes. But do you remember to prepare the cycling gloves? You might not need to wear special cycling socks for riding or spinning, but a pair of cycling gloves give a big difference in your riding performance. Dressed in a pair of cycling gloves is a good idea to keep you warm in winter and protect your palms from the heat in summer. A pair of cycling gloves also helps you to keep your hands comfortable holding the handlebars. You can avoid unwanted blisters on your beautiful hands. By the way, there is a wide range of cycling gloves you can choose on the market today. Therefore, you need to know what you need of the cycling gloves you want to buy to get the best suits you and works for you.

Choosing a pair of cycling gloves can be pretty simple if you know when and where you will wear the gloves for cycling. If you want to get a pair of cycling gloves in summer, you might need a pair of gloves with short-cut fingers with a padded leather or synthetic-leather palm and also moisture-absorbing terry cloth for dabbing sweat or even a runny nose. Otherwise, if you need a pair of cycling gloves for winter, you might need gloves with wicking materials, breathable design, and full-finger.for additional function to keep your palms warm inside, there are some gloves offer some protection against the wind.

Besides the design and materials of the cycling gloves, the right size that fit on your palms is also important to consider. Wearing a pair of cycling gloves which is too large or tight won’t be right for you. You might find numbness on your palms if you wear the tight gloves. Otherwise, you might not feel comfortable holding the handlebar with these too large gloves. You can do the following tips to get the right size for your cycling gloves:
  1. Start with keeping your hand flat. Then measure the circumstance around your palm at the widest point below knuckles excluding the thumb. Very recommended using your dominant hand.
  2. Continue with measuring from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.
  3. You can use the largest of both measurements you have made to get the correct size glove.
  4. Use the provided chart of the manufacturers to convert your measurements to glove sizing.

After you are sure about your gloves sizing, then you can continue your shopping by selecting the best choice for you. The list of our selections of cycling gloves below may inspire you.

1.       Zookki Cycling Gloves Road, Mountain Bike Gloves Roaf Racing Bicycle Gloves Light Silicone Gel Pad Riding Gloves

Zookki Cycling Gloves Road

2.       HuwaiH Cycling Gloves with Anti-Slip Shock-absorbing Gel Pad Breathable Cycle Gloves

Cycling Gloves with Anti-Slip Shock

3.       Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves for Women

Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves

4.       Giro Women’s Tessa Gloves

Tessa Gloves

5.       Anser 2130042 Cycling Gloves

Tessa Gloves

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