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Tigers take Out Yankees in New York


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Baseball | 7 Oct 2011

Just when everyone thought the New York Yankees were going to come back to life and make their charge towards the World Series, the Detroit Tigers shut down the vaunted offense when it mattered the most.
The Yanks looked like clear favorites after beating up on the Tigers 10-1 in game 4 at Comerica Park in Detroit. Surely they would do just as well at home with their left-handed heavy lineup …

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Free October Baseball Picks

Baseball | 6 Oct 2011

There is going to be three game 5’s in the 2011 Divisional Series, also known as the Wild Card round. This is significant because the first round of the Major League Baseball playoffs is only a 5 game series. The League Championship and World Championship series are both 7 games long.
This 5 game series makes a first round upset much more likely to happen. This is what the favorites in …

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